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When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives: We lower our stress levels, we get to know our pain, we connect better, we improve our focus, and we’re kinder to ourselves. Let us walk you through how to in these guided meditations to enhance different values and powers already within you.

Guided Meditations with Susan Kennedy


A Selection of Guided Meditations with Susan Kennedy featuring profoundly positive principles and ways of becoming your highest self by learning to connect to your own intuition and Yes and No Guidance.
You will receive guided meditation spoken in a soothing voice along with a beautiful musical background. These high-powered meditations are ideals and values to strive for and connect with.
By speaking as if you are already embodying the principle, you are not waiting for it to manifest at a future time and it can truly manifest within you – in the Now.

If you complete one meditation a week, you will benefit by that principle actually becoming an inherent part of who you are. As you focus on one guided meditation a week, by listening to it at least several times during the week, you will energize that principle within you. This will help you to internalize the affirmation and lessons and make it more real for you personally and create new habits.

You may choose to engage in other related activities such as writing or drawing in a journal about the affirmation, accessing your feelings, thoughts and commitments to follow the path of that higher standard and taking specific actions that exemplify the virtue. In meditating, you might want to acknowledge which ones come naturally to you and which ones you need to work on.

This is your own course in understanding and internalizing the universal principles that guide all the aspects of life here on earth and in the spirit world. As you master the principles, you master the many aspects of your life, and strengthen your internal guidance and trust in yourself.

New meditations will be added frequently so as you grow so to does this program.





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3 reviews for Guided Meditations with Susan Kennedy

  1. Noeleen Contarino (verified owner)

    I love Susan’s meditations. I have found them quite powerful and have had vivid experiences with each one.

  2. Leslie Tolar

    Susan is very passionate and caring and her passion in contagious 💕

    • Susan Kennedy

      Thank you Leslie for your kind words. It is a pleasure having you as part of our community
      The Kennedy Team

  3. Tammi N

    I LOVE Susan’s meditation it is so relaxing but it also feels like it takes you on a journey of healing different areas in your life and spirit.

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