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Welcome To My Spiritual Courses

My Spiritual Courses was created as something beautiful, something where we all could come together and thrive beyond what we once believed was possible.

Here on my spiritual courses, we will be bringing together some of the leaders in the industry of metaphysics, spiritual awakening, physic awareness, soul health and healing, conscious development, body and mind awakening and much much more.

This is an online space for you to connect with what is next for you. Where you have all that you need at the tips of your fingers to make your next chapter the best yet!

This is where “My Spiritual Courses” was born. “My” being “Yours”

The Founder Susan Kennedy

Being A Psychic

A psychic is someone who has the ability to be able to tune to someone else. They use different skills to be able to help people. read more

Being An Empath

An “Empath” is someone who feels what someone else is feeling. You often hear the words, “I have empathy for you” meaning I understand your pain. read more

Being A Medium

A medium is a person who is able to communicate with those people who’ve passed over. Those in the spirit world use the energy of the medium to be able to make contact with their loved ones read more

Finding Your Purpose

Do you want to know your life purpose and how you can make a difference? Working with your insight and being connected to your heart will assist you in determining if you are on the right path. read more

Meditation & Insight

Meditation is a way of connecting you to your inner world. It is a time when you can connect to your own spirit and become closer to your Spirit Guides. read more

Activate Your Third Eye

The third eye is your Centre for insight and psychic vision. It is situated between the eyebrows and resonates to the colour of indigo. read more

What Members Think of The Program

I have been studying psychic development for many years with many different teachers, and have found Sue’s course to be the best. It condenses all the methods used by many different teachers all in the one program and answers all your questions you may have in regards how you receive or sense information and how to trust it. I recommend that you get mentoring outside of the program with Sue as she is amazing!! Virginia, Anna Bay NSW

I work as a holistic therapist and I thank Susan’s course and her continued support for taking me much deeper into trusting myself and following my own guidance which has been immeasurably valuable for my continual personal development. I simply wouldn’t have developed my skills as quickly without it. Susan’s work and her clearly defined content and message has an incredible ability to be exactly what you need to hear at the right time, Thank you Susan, you are divine” Karlie, NSW

Thank you Susan, really enjoying my online workshop. Taking a lot of valuable things out of it. I am juggling quite a lot of things at the moment but I look forward to my quiet time at night with my laptop on my lap with my head phones in my ear listening to your workshops, this is my chill out time and love it ….. highly recommend your online program It has improved my confidence with my healing work, knowing & trusting the messages I receive to help my clients. A Toya, QLD

The 3 Biggest Benefits For You…

Easier Decision Making

No more time wasted wondering if you are making the right choices! Make decisions with less anxiety, less time wasted and less need to lean on others as you become your own authority and trust your own guidance.

Happier Relationships

No more wondering about what makes people tick and what moves to make! Relate to others with confidence and certainty as you really begin to know yourself and understand others through improved insight & intuition.

Greater Abundance

No more lack of direction or poor financial choices. Knowing yourself and working with your strengths brings new opportunities for you to work in your passion. Make right personal choices as you open yourself to higher guidance allowing abundance to flow easily into all areas of your life!